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Coach Milly Michaels

About me...

As a professional woman, mother, and experienced coach who has guided women worldwide through times of transition, including the change that comes with expat life, motherhood, empty nesters, mid-career change and retirement to name a few, I have had the honor of sharing the full spectrum of joys, privileges, and challenges that come with change.


Following 10 years as an expat living in the Middle East, I now live in London, with my husband, one child at home and the other recently moved to the other side of the country for university. My own journeys of transition, have allowed me to witness the beauty of diverse cultures, forge deep connections with new friends, explore exciting destinations, and enrich my children's lives with a tapestry of unique experiences. However, they have also presented me with the difficulties of raising children far from extended family and a familiar support network, along with the anxieties and setbacks that arise when striving to balance multiple roles in an unfamiliar setting.


Through my work and personal experiences, I have cultivated the courage to delve into the depths of my own inner thoughts, helping me discover my true self and aspirations amidst life's ever-changing landscapes.



I have long held a passion for exploring why we feel how we feel, think what we think, and how this guides our actions in life.


In my travels around the world I have met the most extraordinary women from all walks of life, and have seen how they have overcome adversity to make their dreams a reality.


The secret behind the life you want lies within you.


You hold the answers, and it is my pleasure to help you tap into the power within you to determine who you are, what you want, and how you will get there.

I am excited to be embarking upon this life-changing journey with You!

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