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Coach Kristy Shires

About me...

I am married with two lovely children, living in London. Australian born and bred, my husband and I caught the travelling bug early on, and so began an expat life, moving our family (and our beloved dog Oliver!) from Australia, to Germany, to the Middle East and now to the UK.


As a professional, woman and a mother I have experienced all of the joys, privileges and challenges of the expat life. The privilege of seeing new cultures and making new friends, the joys of exploring new places and exposing our children to different experiences, the challenges of bringing up children away from family and a ‘safe base’ and the fears and frustrations that come from trying to ‘do it all’ in a strange environment. 

MY Professional Background... 

The last 21 years of my career have taken me all over the world.


Qualifying as a lawyer in 2000, I joined the Army, giving 11 years of service including a tour of Iraq.

Upon retiring from the Army, I moved with my family to Dubai where I was working as an in-house lawyer in both the oil and gas and security sectors prior to starting two businesses of my own both in Dubai and in Somalia set up to assist local populations in austere environments. These businesses enabled me to work with women and communities and see first hand the miracle of pure spirit and belief of self.


My time working across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia awakened my desire to focus on following this path further by creating programs to assist women everywhere to find their true potential.


I have long held a passion for exploring why we feel how we feel, think what we think, and how this guides our actions in life.


In my travels around the world I have met the most extraordinary women from all walks of life, and have seen how they have overcome adversity to make their dreams a reality.


The secret behind the life you want lies within you.


You hold the answers, and it is my pleasure to help you tap into the power within you to determine who you are, what you want, and how you will get there.

I am excited to be embarking upon this life-changing journey with You!

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