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Our Journeys to Emergence  include: 

No matter the transition you are going through, we have a Journey to suit you.


The exploration phase requires the courage of the client to dig deep into their emotions to discover what it is she is seeking for fulfilment and what is holding her back.


Without this extensive search within ourselves, we are not able to effectively move forward, but are continuously held back by our past and our preconceived ideas of what 'should' instead of what 'could'. 

  • Exploration of current emotions

  • Exploration of values

  • Exploration of barriers and obstacles both physical and emotional

  • Exploration of resources at your disposal


The second phase of our journey together looks towards the future.


What do you want from life?

What is your passion?


Now that you know who you are, perhaps better than you ever have before, what do you want to do with that knowledge?


The world is your oyster, so start dreaming!

  • Dreams and aspirations

  • Putting dreams against values

  • What is the desired end state

  • Assessing the possibilities


Finally is the culmination of the hard work you have done throughout the first 2 phases.


The journey has been hard, sometimes even painful, but you now understand yourself better than you ever have before.


You have the information you need to make life changing decisions in order to move towards your new life and whatever you have been missing in your past.

A new life outlook:

  • What is needed to get there

  • What support is required

  • Keeping yourself accountable

By the end of this program you will have a very clear concept of what you want to do and how this is going to be encompassed in your current life.


You will have a clear idea of the next steps to be taken and will feel confident about your decision, knowing that it has come from real and deep exploration, and reflects you as a person.

You have not decided to do somethingyou have decided to do this.

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